Fees and Finance

Digital Wallet

Every user account has a digital wallet included. This wallet can be used across all schools and for all students that are under the user's account. Users can add money to their wallet by credit card (bank deposit coming shortly). The wallet system means that users can top up larger amounts which saves them the fixed credit card fee charged for each transaction (see below). Parents/User's use the digital wallet to pay for all canteen, book and uniform orders and any donations or fundraising amounts. There are no fees charged on donations or fundraising transactions. 

A fairer system for fees

There are two options for fees for SchoolXpress. The school can opt to pay a monthly subscription fee or a percentage service fee on the total order amount. We believe this gives schools flexibility to choose the fee structure that suits them best. Schools can then opt to cover the fee or pass part or all of the fee on to parents. This fee system ensures:

  • Schools can opt to cover the total fee, pass the whole fee on to parents or part-subsidise the fee if they choose
  • A fairer, transparent system with a capped fee for larger purchases
  • Schools can add a percentage fee on top to help raise funds for the school
  • No fees for fundraising or any donations made
  • If the school chooses to pass the fee onto the parent, the fee is clearly displayed at checkout and on order confirmations.

There is also a 1.79% + 0.30c credit card processing fee when a parent tops up their wallet. This is a fee charged by the payment gateway for merchant services and does not go to SchoolXpress. We have implemented the wallet system so parents can minimise these fees by topping up a larger amount less often and thus avoiding the credit card fee for every transaction. Please note the credit card processing fees may change at any time as determined by the payment gateway.