About us

Ingenii Technology is an Australian technology company offering cloud-based solutions to public and private schools, clubs and Tafes. 

As parents of school-aged children, and having experienced first-hand the frustrations and complexity in current online ordering systems, SchoolXpress® was developed as a joint venture to enhance the online user experience for parents and schools. We used the knowledge we gained from volunteering in the school tuckshop and speaking to other parents, to build a system that would provide a complete solution that is a secure, cost-effective and convenient way to move cash sales online.

Pooling over 30 years of Information Technology, Web Development and Marketing experience, Ingenii Technology was born to create solutions that take the complexity out of online transactions. 


The Ingenii Technology Founders: 

Rene Ebbesen

Rene has a background in business and IT, having founded and been the Chief Executive of a successful e-commerce provider for a good decade and a half before co-founding Ingenii Technology. When not working, Rene traverses the skies as an avid private pilot, or the countryside, with his wife, in hiking boots or running shoes.

Chantelle MacRae

Chantelle has over 16 years' experience in Marketing and Communications for SaaS and eCommerce organisations and has a strong passion for digital marketing and new technologies. When Chantelle is not chasing after her two energetic kids, she enjoys snowboarding, jogging, Stephen King novels and travelling.